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- Tips for finding a completely free dating site

Or in other words I don't want a so called free dating site that at some point I have to pay money. I want a dating site that actually is completely free! No credits no nothing.

So your single and looking for a date? Traditionally people would have socialised in bars and clubs to meet people, or meet new people as friends of friends as a potential hook up as maybe someone they quite fancy. Nowadays people find it more convenient to search for potential matches by searching through a dating database of people also looking to date and have a relationship. In some social circles a few years ago online dating was not as open as it is today and the stigma of online dating has diminished.

So if your going to be looking for date online why not try to find a completely free dating site? A lot of people believe that would be an obviously place to start.

Free dating websites generally fit into two categories:

  1. Partially free

    This is where you get basic access to the free dating website. But you have to pay for some of the advanced services like making contact, messaging, chatting and advanced search filters.

  2. Completely and utterly totally free dating!

    This is where the dating site just like Dating All Hours has no fees or charges at all.

But if you come across a free dating site that advertises itself to be free how do you know which of the two categories it fits into? Is that free dating site you've found actually free as we know it? (Link to other webpage).

Tips to find a fee free dating site:

Just ask!

Contact the free dating website

Most free dating websites should have email contact details or a 'contact us' page. Contact the website directly and ask what services are free of charge, do they offer services you will have to pay for and how do you pay for those services. For example although you don't get charged money to become a member the free dating website may require you to hand over payment details such as a credit card if they want you to easily be able to pay for some additional services.

Do your homework

Checking the free dating website

If a website is going to charge you money at some point the free dating website should state this. Generally this is found in the terms and conditions of the website. It can be too tempting to just sign up to become a member if a free dating site before reading the terms and conditions. Alternatively if you find reading all the terms and conditions too time consuming or hard work a potential suggestion would be to use the search or find feature of your web browser and search for keywords such as 'payment' 'credit card' 'fee' 'cost' 'charges' to name but a few.

About Us

Background to the free dating site

Most free dating websites have an 'About us' webpage. On this webpage the dating website may give some background info about the website, the website history and the purpose of the website. From having a quick read of this the webpage may directly highlight that it does charge money for some services and/or it may indirectly imply there is a charge for some services requiring a credit or debit card.

Ask the community

Look on dating site forums

Dating website forums can be a great place to ask other users for their experience of if a free dating site truly is a free dating website or if the member was required to enter payment details upon registration. Forums can also be useful to ask exactly what services are free on a particular free dating website and if a member needed to pay for additional services that you might expect to get for free of charge. Although a note of caution: be careful because information on forums is generally only options from other people which may or may not be true, may be inaccurate or may be out of date and not relevant anymore.

Is the free dating site an affiliate?

An affiliate dating website or so called white label dating is where a free dating site has paid to have access to a large populated database of people looking for a date. This can sometimes be found out relatively easily by scrolling to the bottom of a webpage where there may be some text stating the website is part of another website. An affiliate dating website has normally paid quite a large fee and therefore the dating site may be looking to more quickly try and make money to cover this start up cost.

Whatever free dating site you choose to join and become a member of for free, following the tips and advice for finding a completely free dating site can help to show you how to find a free dating site

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