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Dating All Hours - Dating tips, advice, info, articles This is an area dedicated on Dating All Hours to some helpful articles and free tools regarding dating and relationships, with a focus towards people who may work long, varied, shift, irregular, odd or random hours.

Dating All Hours - 100% free date searching tips, advice, info, articles
Dating All Hours - 100% Free dating tips, advice, info, articles
Dating All Hours - 100% free relationship tips, advice, info, articles

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Dating All Hours 100% free dating - Online Dating Profile Tips

Online dating profile tips

Do you find it hard to create an online dating profile and choosing a photo? Some tips, thoughts and advice
Dating All Hours - dating decisions, dating criteria and deciding if to date

Dating decisions

Searching and seeking a date, finding someone you like and want to date can be difficult. Then comes the decision of if you want to take it to the next level and decide to go out on a date.
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - working varied odd hours

Working odd or varied hours

Is working varied hours for you? Do you thrive on the excitement of varied work hours or would you rather a more regular work pattern?
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - free pig personality test

Pig personality test

Try out the Pig Personality Test to give an indication of your personality traits! Go on give it a go, it only takes a few minutes!
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - dating at work

Dating at work

Fancy someone at work? Can't stop thinking about them meaning productivity could be better?! Some advice about dating at work
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - singles spotting and searching out singles

Singles spotting

Ever had trouble trying to figure out if someone is single? Some ideas to spot to search out singles!
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - how to flirt and flirting ideas

How to flirt

Like the idea of flirting and think it could help your dating but not sure how to go about it? Some flirting ideas and advice to get you started!
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - dating friends

Dating friends

Fancy a friend? Could you be more than just friends? Some advice about dating friends
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - single parent dating

Single parents dating

Are you a single parent maybe looking to date? Do you find it difficult to balance work, family and dating?
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - dating videos

Dating videos

Some light-hearted You Tube dating related videos to brighten up your day!

Light-hearted comical You Tube dating video clips

More video clips

> Dating

Dating All Hours 100% free dating - dating advice

Dating advice

Go to the Dating advice page, which gives some brief dating advice for people who work irregular hours or a shift
Dating All Hours - dating safety

Dating safety

The Dating safety page gives a few tips to try and raise awareness of safety when dating. Also a free dating safety contact tool!
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - after the first date

After the first date

Been on a first date but not sure what to do now after the date? Do you want to see them again, do you not want to see them again or just not sure?
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - dating ideas

Dating ideas

The Dating ideas page gives a some ideas of what you can do on a date that makes the most of working at different times to everyone else!
Dating All Hours - Dinner dating at home tips

Dinner dating at home

A dinner date can be a great way to have a fun, relaxed and more personal idea for a date, including birthdays, anniversaries and Valentines Day ideas. It can be more hard work for the host but potentially a more successful date
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - romantic ideas

Romantic ideas

Want a bit more romance on your dates? Impress your date and see if these romance tips help out
Dating All Hours 100% free dating - first date check list

First date checklist

Going on a first-date? Absolutely essential checklists

> Relationships

Dating All Hours 100% free dating - relationship advice

Relationship advice

Go to the Relationship advice page for when both of you in the relationship are trying to balance the hectic hours you work with seeing one another!
Dating All Hours - Handling long distance relationships

Long distance relationships

Dealing with a long distance relationship can sometimes be a difficult stage for a relationship. Being organised with your time that you do have together can help and there can also be advantages as well as disadvantages to this stage of a relationship

Dating All Hours - Tips for casual relationships

Casual relationships

Depending on many things including your lifestyle, your personality and stage of life, a casual relationship may suit you and may be what you're looking for

Dating All Hours 100% free dating - dealing with rejection

Dealing with rejection

Does dealing with rejection ever get easier to accept? Some tips and advice for those who may have been rejected or if you need to break up with someone but afraid at how they will feel.
Dating All Hours - boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband cheating on you

Suspect your partner is cheating on you?

Relationships can go through ups and downs, but suspecting that your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife is cheating on you can be very difficult to deal with

Dating All Hours 100% free dating - relationship break up

Relationship break up

A relationship break up can be difficult to deal with

Dating All Hours 100% free dating - get your ex back and getting back with your ex

Getting back with your ex

Been thinking about your ex and thinking about giving the relationship another try?

Dating All Hours - Short to long term relationships

Moving from a short to long term relationship

Moving towards a longer term relationship? As your relationship moves from short to medium to long term, challenges and difficult decisions can lay ahead.

Dating All Hours - First holiday as a couple

First holiday as a couple

Going on your first holiday together as a couple? A little advice to help you have a great first holiday with your boyfriend or girlfriend

Dating All Hours - Proposing marriage and engagement proposal ideas

Proposing marriage

Thinking about proposing marriage and spending the rest of your life with your boyfriend or girlfriend? This can be both exciting although little stressful to get it right so here's a little advice to help out with some engagement proposal ideas

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